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Student Reports

Kata Seminar 7

The weather was scheduled to bring cold arctic winds near the Finchley Dojo but there was once again a heated and spirited feel as usual. The7th  kata seminar began at 2:45 after a mixed session which consisted of the adults, beginner and advanced classes. Therefore many people who would not usually attend these kata seminars were more open to coming in after the usual Saturday training sessions, especially people from the beginner class and the advanced classes.

The 2 katas which Sensei Tohyama would explain in detail were “Gekisai-Dai” and “Gekisai- Sho,” 2 katas which complement each

2012 British Championship


This year’s British Championship took place on Saturday the 22nd of September in the usual Hertfordshire location (Wodson Park Sports Centre, Ware). I had the chance to travel there in company of Ukita-sensei and Ivor. We gathered at the venue by 10am, many child students had already turned up with their parents. In addition to the few adults who came to compete, some additional Dojo members showed up to provide support to the fighters and Kata performers, in particular Ichi-san, Masumoto-san, Tsunashima-san and Matsugana-san. Soon after, everyone wore their Dogis and warm up started.

Kata Seminar 6

When I received the invitation email about the 6th kata seminar, I hesitated. Still I have not mastered the last Katas - Tekki Sono1, 2 and 3. I was not sure if I should participate in this seminar or just stop and practice what I have learnt far.

It was not just I not wanting to miss anything but I have been taking part in these seminars since the 2nd one and I have thoroughly enjoyed them every single time so I decided to come.

People started to arrive around 10am for a 10:30 start time. and everyone seemed to start getting nervous.

Kata Seminar 5

The London Dojo held itís 5th Kata Seminar on Sunday 22nd April at the Euston 2 Dojo. This time we used Studio 1 which worked really well as we had plenty of space to practice the Katas. The atmosphere was brilliant, I reckon there were more than 35 students all who turned up with an amazing attitude.

By 10:30 everyone was warming up, stretching and ready to go. The Katas for the day were Tekki Sono 2 and Yantsu but Sensei Tohyama changed his mind in the middle of the Seminar which I was quite happy about.

We started with Tekki Sono 2 and did the Kata couple of times before Sensei started

Internal Kata Tournament 6

Students practicing their Kata lines up with Sensei Tohyama's call. On 5th of March 2012, 6th internal Kata tournament finally began. After a few words from Sensei, preliminary round for White belt began. Their Kata which they were going to perform was Taikyoku sono 1.

We could easily see how nervous they were as for most of them it was the first time that they were performing in a tournament. For preliminary round, it was performed in group of roughly 5-6 people and 10th Kyu performed Sokugi Takikyoku Sono 3. This Kata requires you to kick while moving during the Kata.

Next was 9th Kyu.