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Student Reports

British Championship 2014

Yet another nail biting day for competitors and parents filled with nerves and excitement as the annual British open tournament in Ware commenced. All fired up to do better than last tournament, many students came at around 9am to get Kihon and stretches done as a whole dojo to loosen ourselves up physically and mentally.

The day begun with kata and the day begun with the 10-12 category. Tadhag O’Flynn, Yuya Shirai, Lucian and Aoi Fukushima all showed precision in their katas and were awarded with Aoi gaining yet another gold medal with Yuya and Tadhag coming 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Outdoor Training 2014


This year’s outdoor training is the first indoor training which we have had in this dojo, instead of the usual outdoor training which we have at Regent’s Park each year. In a way, I thought that this was a better idea – we don’t get any distractions from passer-by’s, not having to worry about the weather and lastly but not the least, focused training with concentration was higher. However, let’s not also forget the fun part, especially for the kid’s, where it is important to adopt interesting topics into Karate training.

As the training was condensed, it did not feel like a day

English Championship 2014

For this competition, I based my training on Kihon, Kata and Combinations.

Last year, as I fully swung my roundhouse kick, I was penalised, therefore this year, in my basic training, I practised to pull back my kick. For my kata, I practised Yantsu in front of the mirror so that my kata was symmetrical. Tohyama Sensei advised me to use many kicks to the centre so the opponent concentrates on blocking their torso, then to kick to the head. So with this advice, I practiced with my body remember in both Euston dojo and at home.

The reason I was able to win in this competition was because I

Internal Kata Tournament 2014

Our annual Internal Kata Competition took place at the Finchley Dojo on a rainy Saturday afternoon in early February which was attended by the vast majority of the dojo members and accompanied by the presence of four black-belts including: Ivor Senpai, Fabrice Senpai, Ukita Senpai and Tohyama Sensei. With such privilege this year we were thoroughly fortunate to receive a rich in detail and explicit feedback regarding our kata from each of the black-belts.

After a quick set-up we were ready to begin our 2014 Internal Kata Competition; this occasion would truly reflect the effort we had put

1,000 Punches and 1,000 Kicks 2013


The final 2013 session for Tohyama Dojo was the 1,000 Punches and 1,000 Kicks event. Unlike normal training sessions, this session was far more a showcase for the discipline of the class as a cohesive group and a demonstration of our willingness to push ourselves beyond our comfortable limits than a typical class would be. The session was well-attended.

After some initial stretching, we began the count for 1,000 seiken chudan tsuki. The two most important things were to always keep the correct form and the correct count.