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Acton Dojo

London Dojo trains in Kyokushinkai Karate at this location weekly on Friday evenings from 18:15 - 19:15 unless otherwise notified below.

Kids Class Description

5 -18 years old

Beginners to advanced

Session focus
Kihon: Basic techniques and stances
Ido: Basic techinques and stances while moving  
Yakusoku Kumite: structured sparring
Kata:  formalised moves of attack/defense
Kumite: free sparring
Jyunan: stretching
Hokyo: body conditioning
Punch bag training.

Sessions are taught in a structured fashion stressing both the development of proper karate technique and dojo etiquette.

After the regular session a 30 minute self-training is held. This session is an opportunity to ask questions and prepare for future gradings and competitions.

Changes to Scheduled Training Times

There will be no training sessions on the following dates:

Training is suspended at this location during August.