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5th World Weight Category Karate Championships

on May 9, 2013 - 12:00am

The "2013 The 5th World Weight Category Karate Championships" was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium on April 28th.

Competitors from around the world fought in the following categories:


Light Weight ( - 70kg)
1st : Takaichi Onuma (Japan)
2nd : Pitor Moczydlowski (Poland)
3rd : Eldar Ismailov (Ukraine)

Middle Weight (-80kg)
1st : Zenjyuro Mori (Japan)
2nd : Yuta Sawamura (Japan)
3rd : Igor Titkov (Russia)

Heavy Weight (-90kg)
1st : Alejandro Navarro (Spain)
2nd : Shohei Kamada (Japan)
3rd : Ilya Karpenko (Russia)

Super Heavy Weight ( + 90kg)
1st : Shoki Arata (Japan)
2nd : Goderzi Kapanadze (Russia)
3rd : Zahari Damyanov (Bulgaria)

This year's event saw the Japanese fighters doing very well. Tohyama Sensei was particularily impressed with the following fighters:

Takaichi Onuma - although he was the smallest fighter in the tournament he has a highly conditioned body and strong mentality, never steping backwards.

Alejandro Navarro is now 36 years old but still has great stamina and fantastic skill helping him win the final without any problems.

Shoki Arata has improved his power a lot. He has very heavy and strong punches together with a strong mind.